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Within a World Away

Patrick Watson- Je te laisserai des mots


Within a World Away

A screenplay by Rachel Rotay


*music begins*

The screen slowly turns from black to a dusty blue. Almost as if if it was slightly shaded in with crayon. Porous, the background isn’t completely filled. The title Within a World Away fades into view, with thin white letters. Clusters of stars twinkle and create stop motion effect; enhancing the whimsical like atmosphere.


INT: outer space

*piano rocks back and forth* Camera cuts to a little boy — Evanson, as he chases after brightly colored planets with his trusty companion; an Italian greyhound. Shadows are heavy; camera follows. Both are wearing space helmets.

— a shot of the moon and Evanson sitting atop it. Facial features are not defined, but you can tell he is sad. He looks down and pulls out a sandwich.  Cartoon like tears slide down his helmet;  Filling up the glass bowl as he eats.

— camera zooms in a bit. He stands limp, and presses a button on the side of his helmet to let the water escape.

The dog trots behind him.  The sky is dark shades of violet and magenta with dustings of constellations.


— Wide shot angle, Evanson clicks another button, and a small metal rocket with multi dull colored patches, aligned with rivets, lands next to him.

A faded thought bubble then appears next to his head; one phrase at a time which reads: I don’t want to go back.  They will tear me apart. I’m not like them, they don’t understand that. just as soon as the thought bubble appears, it disappears with a pop. starting from the elypsis.


Flashback takes place, camera cuts. INT: school classroom also seen as sketch like, but the colors are a bit more dull.

Evanson sits at a desk very quietly. His hands folded in front of him. His space helmet the only barrier from the torment  he would endure. 

A crowd of students shout things at him and the words bounce off his space helmet with thick clanging sounds, leaving a crack in the glass. A confused hurt expression is seen on his face as he runs out of the classroom; a trail of papers flutter behind him.

INT space. The school scene fades, as outer space fully reveals itself Evan takes one more glance at the galaxy he would soon leave forever, — camera pans upward. Wide angle shot of the whole galaxy, with Evanson and his dog in the middle of it. (this lasts maybe 7 seconds)

— camera shifts back down a little bit, zooming in as it does so. Evan is seen kneeling writing something into the ground; then he hops back into his rocket ship, and zips across space and time leaving little dashed lines where the rocket is flying. (Around other planets) then he veers off into a completely differn’t direction never to be seen again. 

Camera cuts to another shot of the moon. This time, there’s an object on top of it.

A rainbow flag is placed. and written in the dust is

No one can hurt me up here.

Camera Zooms in on it, and then the text fades blows away.. And the screen fades back to black.






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Silk Memory 

The young boy waltzed down the avenue, dapper and refined for such a young soul. His tall black hat falling in front of the blond mess of hair hanging in front of his light green eyes, like slits in a wide tooth comb. A women approached the little fella. Pearls scrapping the edge of the sidewalk, as she knelt and kissed his precious face. A silk gloved hand outstretched; waving goodbye…

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Love without an L 

I had always felt the energy of someone’s hand interlinked with my own, yet there was no one there. My imagination manifested love through my eyes, my hands and my heart. How could someone feel so alone?  The world has plasterd a sick, distorted illusion of what it is to be loved. As for someone who wants these things… I fall deeper and faster with every lie I try to stomach. 

So let love be pure and unstaurated with out filters, and glamour. Let it come from a raw place in the most vuanerable of ways. Plant good intentions, grow beautiful gardens. 💐 

Lost my senses…

I’ve sung with closed lips.

dreamt with open eyes.

felt with the absence of touch.

acted upon and without thought.

failed without trying.

tried without failing.

loved simply, sweetly, wholeheartedly –without knowing such emotion in return; believing the light I hoped to celebrate forth into the world would have its place and time.

All would be well.

to put it simply, I have










A worldly sigh 

Give me a humane cure for empty smoldering pride.

Beyond this night recall blue sky.

Do not leave the pieces where they lie.

Envision a future in which we thrive.

Though time has left us with inaudible melodies…



Sleep painfully drills through my eyes who refuse to rest. Distracted by what could be as I paint pictures with my eyes on the blank canvas that is my ceiling. 

Lucid dreams don’t come true 

I pray for you, the artist.

 Who’s ambition is shot down by nashing teeth. 

The world doesn’t forget the ones who impacted it. 

Paint over the lines for your own sake. 

You say Goodbye, and I say Hello.

Hey guys, I just wanted to say a quick thank you for following and supporting my Blog. Throughout this semester, I have grown to enjoy Blogging and want to continue to post. I appreciate the likes and the feedback and plan to return those to all of you. Thank you again so much.  🙂

Strawberry pop rocks.

Little is known about the girl who sits in the back of the bus; with her beloved packages of strawberry pop rocks.

quietly revealing her taste buds to an explosion of joy.

What simple pleasures can bring to the lives of such young minded fools.


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